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Store Info on Anything or Anyone

Inventory Management

Add inventory items, fields, layouts, and roles to control viewing and updating.

NFC & QR codes

Connect any RFID or QR code to your assets for easy identification.


Connect any item to a user for real time tracking of assets. Add notes, and other media to update.

Checkin / Checkout and Status

Choose different status for each item, or use the checkin and out. Record status changes.

Explore Tagbond

Use this interactive carousel to see features of the Tagbond app. Click on any yellow icon to explore details.

Layouts & Fields

Create different data fields, with field types such as checkboxes, radio buttons and cropdown menus. Create Layouts and restrict viewing or editing according to roles.

Flyout Menu

For each object, change layouts, check in or out, add multimedia notes or status, and attach RFID, QR or other types of barcodes.

Multimedia Notes

Add different kinds of notes and view that info. Images, with drawing tools over iamges, Location, video, links to files in the cloud, voice notes and text notes.


List your items, search by any field, status or checkin/out status.