Supply Tracking & Provenance

Tagbond offers a shared ledger, accessed using mobile, web or API, that is updated and validated in real time with each network participant. It enables equal visibility of activities and reveals where an asset is at any point in time, who owns it and what condition it’s in.

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Tagbond Screen

Tagbond — Features

Inventory Management

Add inventory items, fields, layouts, and roles to control viewing and updating.

NFC & Barcodes

Connect any RFID, QR or barcodes to your assets for easy identification and tracking.


Proof of existence and easy transfer of ownership.

Metadata at every stage

Add notes, voice, video, files and other media to update. These are hashed and added on the PCS Blockchain

Consumer & partner trust

Tagbond uses the public ProofCore PCS Blockchain, and data can be checked using Blockchain Explorers.


Reduce delays from paperwork. Minimize courier costs. Reduce or eliminate
fraud and errors

Add, Track and Prove